WhatsApp for PC Download on Windows 7/8 Computer

WhatsApp for PC Download tutorial available on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows XP is now available. Please keep on reading to know more about downloading WhatsApp on PC or Computer.

WhatsApp is certainly the fastest growing free messaging app in the world. People hold WhatsApp as synonymous to free messaging app. There is no other reason why Facebook recently bought it for a hefty amount of money. Gone are the days when Yahoo Messenger and other messaging apps were really popular in the market. WhatsApp has surely taken over the reins of all those apps with a quick succession of time.

The upsurge of smartphones has cleverly contributed to the success of WhatsApp in the market. It is a common scenario to possess WhatsApp in your multimedia phone. It is one of the best ways to connect to the friends and the world. You can share info, pictures and videos with them without any hassle. All of this can be done without spending a single penny.

whatsapp for pc

Note : WhatsApp for PC is not available officially by the developers, nor they are ever going to release any in near future also.

WhatsApp has made people forget about popular messaging apps like BBM among the others. The reason why WhatsApp excelled in the market was that it integrated to all the operating systems available. All you need is an internet connection and the device in order to use it.

Features of WhatsApp for PC or Computer :

The people who don’t have an access to smartphone can now download WhatsApp in their PC’s with ease. All they need is to download an android emulator for the same. These android emulators help the user to download any app he wants in the PC.

Let us now discuss some features of WhatsApp Messenger:

  1. Over 500 million users are registered to WhatsApp and the number keeps on increasing every day. You can send messages for free anywhere around the world using WhatsApp. All you need is a device and the internet connection for the same.
  2. Sharing of videos and pictures online is also made possible through WhatsApp, thanks to the integration of the free messaging app to social media like facebook among the others.
  3. It possesses a very easy and interactive interface. Working on WhatsApp is a child’s play.
  4. You can check the contacts by browsing the contact part of the app. You can find all your friends who are connected on WhatsApp there.
  5. WhatsApp is totally free messaging app. However, charges of 0.99 USD are incurred every year for the maintenance.
  6. You can check the “last seen” status of your friend. This keeps a good check on your friends while you are aware of their personal details.

Now its time to tell you how to easily get WhatsApp for PC or Computer on your Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows XP. So, lets have a look into the tutorial given below.

Download WhatsApp for PC or Computer

So, its really necessary for you guys is to follow each an every step which is mentioned below.

  1. Its required to download BlueStacks App Player into your PC from their website.
  2. After its installed you must search for “WhatsApp” into the search bar on the top
  3. Now you will be able to see lots of results with WhatsApp Messenger in the list.
  4. Just click on the official app, download and install it.
  5. Now you can always run this application into your Computer whenever you need by just going to “My Apps” section.

So folks, I really hope that you enjoyed reading this post on how to download WhatsApp for PC or Computer. I hope you will keep on visiting this website in future as well.

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