How to Download Android Apps for PC with Bluestacks?

Getting Android apps for PC isn’t that easy if we forget about Android emulators and I’m going to share best of them with you. BlueStacks is the best and most popular and widely used Android emulator using which you can download Android apps for PC. I’m going to let you know everything about the BlueStacks itself and also share a guide with you on how to download Android apps for PC with BlueStacks. So get ready with your computer and choice of Android apps you wish to use on computer right away.


Take a breath as here I’m starting the journey and its going to end till the installation of BlueStacks. I’ll let you know everything you wish to know and you’re rarely going to find any trouble.

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About BlueStacks Software

First and most impressive feature is that it’s an Android emulator software which is going to help you play Android apps and games right away on your Windows computer without any trouble. Everything is going to happen with ease and you’re rarely going to find any trouble.

It runs on latest version of Android operating system which is going to provide an awesome experience. The Android OS is little modified but still overall user interface is simple and understandable. If you had used an Android device running on KitKat OS or Jelly Bean 4.3 OS then you’re not going to find any trouble using BlueStacks software.

It gets installed on Windows and Mac computers or laptop for free and users aren’t going to pay anything. Although there are certain paid features which you can avail as per your decision and likings.

So the user interface is awesome, software is free and genuine, what else? Else things is that it very simple to use. You can install any Android app easily and you’ll do it like you’re doing it on Android device. You’re not going to feel that you’re doing it on your computer or laptop.

Next feature is that you can login with your Google account (same account with which you are using your Android device) and then endless synchronization will take place between your device and BlueStacks’s Android which is installed on your computer. So you’re going to use same app right on devices and computer or laptop, whatever.

Social sharing option is right away built-in using which apps and games can be shared directly with your social friends and you’re going to find doing it very simple and comfortable.

Another exciting features is that a native universal search option is there using which users can search for apps and games and they are going to find it even on Google play store.

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Download Android Apps for PC with BlueStacks

Follow the set of instructions as mentioned down here and you’re going to be comfortable afterwards.

  1. Download BlueStacks software firstly, off course you need to download it. Here is the official source to get it.
  2. Click on installer file you downloaded and then follow certain on screen instructions and within few minutes it will be installed. Rest of the things will happen automatically and there is no need of Restart.
  3. Start BlueStacks using its desktop shortcut and then sign in using your Google account.
  4. Once everything is setup then use the search tool lying within to find out any app or game you like installing. Make sure its available for free.
  5. Once you found the app then open it in Google play store and click on install option to complete things from your side.

This is done from your side and app will be there within BlueStacks anytime.

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