Download Snapchat for PC Tutorial on Windows 7/8 Free

Snapchat Inc had been very popular not because any of its marketing strategies but because of its very popular social app named Snapchat itself. The app is very popular among youth because if offers a very unique feature which I’ll describe in this article. But I’ll let you know first about a process using which you can download Snapchat for PC and this tutorial is going to help users of Windows 7/8 running computers or laptops.

The app is available under Social category on the Google play store and also on the iTunes app store for iOS devices and its extremely viral and popular. When it comes to photo sharing then there are many apps available over the smartphone domain and Snapchat is also one of them but it features a different and unique feature which is behind its popularity.

Download Snapchat for PC

I’ll let you know almost everything about this app including the installation process to get it genuinely on your computer. Officially there is no PC version of Snapchat available over the web but I’ll let you do the trick to help you out. There can be any reason because of which you wish to use this app on your computer like may be your device isn’t compatible or maybe you wish to use it on bigger screen which is only possible on computer.

Download Snapchat for PC Tutorial

In order to make sure you don’t find any trouble and successfully install Snapchat on PC then you need to follow the guide I’m sharing with you down here. You simply need to go through whatever steps I had written for you and make sure you don’t ignore any of those steps otherwise you may find trouble during the process.

First thing to do is to download and install BlueStacks software which is available for free on its official website and trust me it’s a genuine software which is trusted and used by millions of users from all around the world. I had shared a complete guide to help you through its downloading and installing process, so check that out.


Once BlueStacks is installed then using it you need to find Snapchat app and then install it. I had already shared method to install any app using BlueStacks in that article itself. So please help yourself folks.

About Snapchat app

This part is going to let you know about Snapchat and what this app all about along with the reason why its so popular. Basically it’s a photo sharing application which is designed only for smartphones and meant to target users who have great friends and love sharing pictures with them.

Now you can share a recent picture using Snapchat within few touch and taps and once its shared then all your friends will see it. They can like or comment on it. Within 24 hours the photo will be deleted permanently from the server.

So if you’re sharing something viral like a very funny picture then Snapchat will help you create a unique and memorable moment every time with your friends all around.

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